Friday, July 1, 2011

Windy City Soul Club!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hanging out, outside the Empty Bottle after the event. My new friend Davis
definitely got some air time in this photo =)

Last Friday I walked north on Western Avenue to spend my evening at the Empty Bottle. The Bottle was hosting their monthly event, Windy City Soul Club -- also known as "Chicago's rare soul dance party".  I had never attended this event in its two and half year running, so I didn't know exactly what to expect. All I knew is it would be a night filled with dancing.

Julian (left) Anne (middle) Me! (right)
Around 10:30pm I sipped on my Red Stripe, chatting with friends as the venue slowly began to swell with people. I caught up on the latest happenings in people's lives; a new girlfriend, a move to a new apartment, hopes of living in Phoenix again, refined job searches, graduate school, marathon training, and engagements.  Distracted by the news of my friends, over the course of an hour the music grew louder and the dance floor transformed into a sea of wild waves in an epic storm. Bodies were moving, clothes damp with perspiration. This was my cue. It was time to dance.

The music was intoxicating. The DJs worked their tables, as I swayed my hips and waved my arms through the increasingly warm air. I felt as if I had leaped into a time machine of another era.

When the evening finally came to a close, I walked south towards my apartment on Western Ave. As the cool night air fell over my skin, I reflected upon my new found appreciation for dance parties and "rare soul" music. Mostly my inner dialogue consisted of contemplating why I hadn't attended Windy City Soul Club earlier!

Arriving home a few minutes later, I engaged in my nightly rituals -- brushing teeth, washing my make up off and climbing into bed with cozy PJ's. As I laid in bed staring at the ceiling, I continued to bask in the glow and energy felt when one has an evening well spent.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! And please feel free to leave comments about the amazing things your experiencing this summer in Chicago. I'd love to know about other great things happening in the city.  =)

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