Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yesterday, my day started with a Sex and City style brunch date at Webster Street Cafe with three of my closest friends. Over a big cup of coffee and scrumptious brioche french toast, I caught up on the latest happenings in my friend's lives. Our conversation mingled from one topic to the next, and was continuously met with uproarious laughter. Laughter that jostled from my diaphram out of my mouth reverberating throughout my entire body. There are few moments better in life than hanging out with old friends, where few things are explained, inside jokes are rapidly recalled and the newest revelations in ones life are easily shared.

The owner of the Cafe seemed to enjoy our energy; treating us to a free parfait featuring his personal granola recipe. The granola was delicious! Roasted pumpkin seeds and flaxseed were stand out ingredients. Later, we graciously thanked him for the parfait and asked if he sold the granola in packages in which we could buy. He told us he sold the granola with the parfait, but not in individual containers. Minutes later he returned to our table with complimentary containers of the granola to take home. Immensely impressed, we decided another brunch date at this Cafe was definitely in order.

Despite my yearning to hold onto the energy of this joyous gathering, it was time to continue on with the day and part ways. Although a bit sad to leave my friends, my upcoming "mani-pedi" session was bound to leave me in good spirits.

As I sat in the leather massage chair, I let the full weight of my body relax into the soft cushions. My feet sang as I immersed them into the warm pool of water below, brushing them against whirling jet streams. For an hour I would be relieved of all duties of serving others. My sole responsibility was to rest, relax and enjoy. Although I am blessed with amazing people in my life as well as with two flexible part time jobs I could never complain about, it is amazing when you find time to put the phone on silent, relax with a magazine and let others do the work. 

The nail technician scrubbed and rubbed my feet. Peeling away dead layers of skin. Out of control cuticles were restored, and nails were cut and sanded to a a uniform shape. She did the same with my finger nails. With dead skin removed, nails trimmed and a pale pink princess-like polish applied; I felt light, pretty, and happy. By indulging in an hour of pampering, a weeks worth of annoyances, worries, and stresses faded into the background. As I let the feeling of tranquility run over me, I wondered why I had been the least bit stressed in the first place. 

My tranquil state moved me into the rest of my day seamlessly, helping me later maneuver gracefully through a vigorous yoga class. Teacher, Wade Gotwals of Nature Yoga, led the class through creative sequences, long holds, and lots of hands on adjustments. As I left class I felt myself standing taller, as if three inches were added to my spine. I felt brighter too, like a freshly polished penny.

Days of pampering like this one are not a normal part of my schedule. They are the exception, not the rule.  But I believe being pampered, at least every once in a while, is almost like pushing the reset button. It enables me to clear away mental clutter, envision goals more clearly, bring back a sense a calm to my busy schedule, and be increasingly present to those around me. I am immensely thankful for great friends, generous cafe owners, meticulous nail technicians and experienced yoga teachers. Thank you for making me feel pampered.

I would love to hear how you've been pampering yourself this summer! Share comments below.


  1. My friend and I are getting manicures tomorrow (thanks, groupon!) and I can't wait! I think those kinds of things are more fun and appreciated when it IS the exception to your routine.

  2. I wish all my mornings started off with a breakfast with all our friends such as that one. I think the world would be a better place if it did :)

  3. Hayley, hope your manicure turned out well. Emma, I agree whole heartedly! =)


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