Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bedroom Transformation

In the past six years the longest I've lived in any given house or apartment is one year. The experience of constantly moving around has significantly stunted my will to nest and get cozy in any living space. Often I've deemed "nesting" as a fruitless endeavor because it would be time to start packing again in no time. Therefore, my bedroom would infamously be filled with unpacked boxes, barren walls and dust bunnies.

This past June, I broke out of my moving trend and resigned the lease with my Craigslist roomies for a second year. I'm absolutely elated that I will be forgoing moving costs and frantic apartment hunting! Instead I will celebrate the renewal of my lease by working to create a cozy nest-like bedroom space that will act as my sanctuary for the coming year.

Creating a cozy nest-like bedroom will include the addition and subtraction of furniture as well as drastically changing the layout of such items. I will forgo the paint brush, and tackle my monstrously tall walls with a hammer and nails. Images and photos of inspiration will be hung as I purchase some additional frames. Plants will be added to my window sill and additional lighting may become a part of the final vision. My goal is to ultimately create an inviting space where reading, writing, yoga, meditation and sleep are easily possible.

I feel as if I maybe asking a lot of one space, but I feel strongly about having a place where I can retreat from the fast paced city, relax and work on personal projects. I may not succeed in this endeavor, but I know its worth the time to try.

Check out the original inspiration for this endeavor on my former classmates blog entitled Jules Moksha. Her  post back in November 2010 concerning this subject matter really got me thinking. Finally, I'm taking action! Thanks Jules!

Photo Credit: Lynn @ Beneath the Bracken


  1. I'm excited to hear about this and excited to see the final outcome! You and I have been through so many room variations and transformations in the past 14 years... it's pretty funny to see how our tastes have changed and how what we require from our personal space has shifted.

  2. Hayley... I'm so glad you have been one of the most consistent things in my life. I will also be excited when you have a new space some day. It will be neat to see how all that you've done since you've moved on from OSU may change the way conceptualize a nice space for yourself. Miss you babe! Please move back to Chicago =)


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