Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Travelin' Tuesdays - Three

June 2011, Vienna, Austria
Photo Credit: Hayley Leventhal

As I listened to my best friend Hayley discuss her Europe trip over dinner a few weeks ago, there was one story she told that I found particularly important. The story was of her second night in Vienna. During that evening she saw a string quartet performance in Vienna's oldest concert hall, where Mozart himself performed and lived in an apartment across the courtyard. The hall is small and seats about 50 people, providing a very intimate environment. The program she attended included works by Mozart, Bach, Hayden and Dvorak.

I loved listening to Hayley describe that evening. Hayley is a talented classically trained pianist, having an earnest passion and understanding of music and music history. Therefore, I found her memory of this evening particularly endearing, as she became more closely connected with one of the most important creative outlets she has in her life; music.

Where have you traveled that has provided you a deeper connection with parts of your life your extremely passionate about? Leave comments below!!

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  1. I love to run. And I especially love to run when I travel. Going for a good long run in a new place, helps me escape the tourist centers and get out among where the locals live. While running abroad, I've discovered a small Bavarian forest and a Vietnamese shanty town, among other things. And while traveling to places that I've lived in the past, I've used my runs to revisit spots that I might not have gotten around to otherwise.

  2. Chris I am grateful for your response. I cannot recall ever going for a run on any trip (outside of visiting my parents in Ohio). I am definitely going to add it to my list of things to do on my future trips. Thanks! =)


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