Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Media Must Have...

In high school, despite my social tendencies, one could typically find me secluded in my room. Bedroom door shut, stereo on, and a stack of magazines at my side. Glamour and Rolling Stone were among my favorites. 

 When I went away to college my magazine stacks slowly disappeared.  My academic classes urged me to think critically about the world.  And I soon felt disillusioned about the way in which the media presented "information" and portrayed women.

Within the past year, magazines have made a resurgence in my life. My ottoman yields stacks of The Atlantic, Runner's World, and Yoga Journal.

And after my Australia travels, I've added one more magazine to the decor of my ottoman; Frankie Magazine. The narratives, art work, photography and cultural insights are fresh, fun, and original. If you've never had the pleasure of flipping through this publication check out the website, or try to find a local store selling this Aussie gem. 

What magazines are sitting on your ottoman these days? What magazines did you read as an adolescent? I would love to read your thoughts! Please leave your lovely comments below.

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  1. Lately, I've been reading Poets & Writers and the occasional Paris Review. Thanks for the introduction to Frankie!


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