Friday, March 16, 2012

The Trail to the Lighthouse

Two and half hours later, I returned to my hotel room. My feet sloshed around in my sneakers as droplets of water hit the floor from my clothing. I grabbed my towel hanging in the closet and wrapped it around me for warmth. I plopped on the bed and kicked off my sneakers to rest my feet.

"How was the hike," my roommate asked in a concerned but curious voice.

Smiling I replied, "Great!"

 I had just completed the popular trail to the historic Cape Byron Lighthouse. A midday storm hit the seaside town during the descent of my hike. But the trail's scenic complexities play to the senses, easily distracting hikers from physical discomfort felt from weather fluctuations and the steep uphill climb. 

Below are few pre-storm photos from my time on the trail. Enjoy!


  1. Love the first picture of the winding stairs and pretty much all the rest of your pics! Looks like a fun trail.

  2. All these photos make me think I am in dire need of a vacation! ;)

  3. So awesome! I saw my first whale breaching from that point when I went! How was your trip??


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