Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Embracing the Summer Solstice

invites one to stay home a little less.
days passing
on patios
 on beaches
 sun-kissed shoulders
in parks along farmer's markets
noses delighted by
scents of fresh flowers
baked goods & tomatoes eaten like autumn apples.

invites one to delve into pages.
novels traipsing through the mind 
long after epilogues
 final words
& concluding messages conveyed.

invites one to passion.
sweaty sheets & beaded brows
hands caressing curves
curling pink painted toes
in the early dawn.

invites one to the road.
leaving work & unpaid bills 
beyond the rear view mirror
 laughter & leisure dancing on the air
as tire tread
presses against hot unfamiliar pavement.

summer invites you...
{it's official}


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