Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ray Bradbury

Like many,
i've been thinking of this man.
this writer.
this wordsmith.
flipping through pages
feeling soft paper under my thumbs
finding the text that tugged my heart
that tossed around in my mind...

"...when you're my age, you'll find out it's the little savors and things that count more than the big ones. A walk on a spring morning is better than an eighty-mile ride in a hopped-up car, you know why? Because it's full of flavors, full of a lot of things growing. You've time to seek and find. I know--you're after the broad effect now, and I suppose that's fit and proper. But for a young man working on a newspaper, you got to look for grapes as well as watermelons..."
 {Grandpa in Dandelion Wine}

 "I don't remember anyone winning anywhere any time. War's never a winning thing, Charlie. You just lose all the time, and the one who loses last asks for terms. All I remember is a lot of losing and sadness and nothing good but the end of it. The end of it, Charles, that was a winning all to itself, having nothing to do with guns. But I don't suppose that's the kind of victory you boys mean for me to talk on."
{Colonel Freeleigh in Dandelion Wine}

Rest In Peace
thank you for honing your craft
sharing your gift w/the world



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