Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Day 2011

This year I chose to start the new year with a plunge into Lake Michigan! The standing temperature outside was 27 degrees. The plunge included a small jump into the water, running out to fully submerge my body, and then running back to the icy shore to join the masses where my towel and warm clothes awaited. Despite stinging legs and numb hands, I could not stop smiling after I got out of the water. The extreme feeling of exhilaration after you've done something you didn't think you could do (and survived) had taken over. Overall I give the experience two thumbs up and would recommend adding it to your own bucket list. On that note, I would never do it again. Cheers to being bold in 2011 and embarking on new adventures.

A special thanks to Chris & Barb for including me in the plunge!

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