Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shop Local: Amish Healthy Foods

A couple of months ago a new shop opened its doors for business down the street from my apartment: Amish Healthy Foods. This wonderful addition to Ukrainian Village offers shoppers great food choices of cheese, jams, milk, meats, eggs, peanut butter and beyond. Although the store carries a few items that may have crossed a couple state lines or international boarders, the majority of the food sold is from Amish farms in Indiana. I'm delighted that a grocer down the street from my place is helping city dwellers close the gap between farmer and consumer. In effect, food is fresher and the process of transporting it is more sustainable. I will admit I haven't been the best at shopping local or consuming foods that are in season lately. I've simply been heading to Trader Joe's after work and picking out my favorite items (which is pretty much the entire store!). Additionally, Amish Healthy Foods is a small business. My parents are small business owners. Thus, its extremely important to me to support the little guys branching out and doing their own thing among giant corporations out there.

So far my purchases have been limited to cheese and butter. Both fantastic! Look for updates on other delicious food items I purchase there in the future.

Also note that they carry meat from Amish farms. It can be hard to come by affordable local meat in the city... so come on in and check it out! I'm a vegetarian so I won't be giving any commentary on meat eating endeavors.

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