Monday, February 21, 2011

Honoring Presidents' Day

Across the nation, people honor Presidents' Day with a day off of work or school. Some even enjoy big shopping discounts offered at shopping malls and car dealerships. 

This year I am honoring Presidents' Day by:
1. Going to work.
2. Being slightly angry that the post office is closed when I'm in dire need of stamps!
3. Snacking on a sweet treat for President George Washington's 279th birthday.
4. Reflecting upon which teacher I can blame for knowing next to nothing about the following Presidents:

Whether you're relaxing at home or heading into work, have a wonderful Presidents' Day!!


  1. I'm gonna go with Mr. Baker on that one. Not sure why, but that seems about right. I'm celebrating by camping out at Starbucks because the power went out at my house- enjoying the free internet, warm drinks, and a heated building!

  2. 8th grade social studies with Mr. Baker! Ha! All I remember about his class is those Eyes on the Prize videos. Nothing rings a bell when it comes to Presidents....


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