Thursday, February 3, 2011

Parking Spot Dibs

Whether you are for or against "parking spot dibs", individuals asserting their stance in favor of the Chicago tradition are everywhere in the wake of “snowmaggedon” (check out photos below). Stools, crates and even lamp shades decorate the streets as I trudge through mounds of snow.

If you aren't familiar with the tradition, let me get you up to speed. "Parking spot dibs" allows Chicagoans to place furniture in a public street parking spot that an individual has cleared of snow. When the individual leaves she will be assured a place to park upon her return.

As a full time pedestrian, who relies on public transportation, I've never given the tradition much thought. Over the years, snowy days accompanied by furniture in the street served as entertainment. Today, I realize the issue is no laughing matter for some individuals. Groups like Chair-Free Chicago are urging law enforcement, politicians, and civilians to actively enforce the law that bans the tradition. TimeOut Chicago covered the issue in a recent article entitled, "Dibs debate". The short article presents both sides of the argument through interviews of two civilians.

Despite reading the article, I'm not sure where I stand on this debate. My hope is for people to remain civil despite the madness of parking around 5 and 6 feet snowdrifts!

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