Friday, April 22, 2011

Chronicles of my Green Thumb - Entry 1

I am an urban dweller. I have no yard.  My "yard" is a small porch in the front of my third story apartment, shaded by a large tree.

 I have no experience tending to plants. Yet, despite these obvious challenges, I am working to create a small garden.

My one rule for creating this small garden is "keep it simple". Therefore, I've kept my planting endeavors to 5 green bean plants, 5 pepper plants, and 4 Roma tomato plants. Eventually, I will also plant a few herbs as well! 

 Below are photos (taken a few weeks ago) displaying my humble beginnings of my "gardening" endeavors. Enjoy!

Burpee eco-friendly seed starting greenhouse kit.
100% biodegradable & made from bamboo.

Seeds: The organic pepper seeds are from Home
Depot. The other seeds were gifted to me by friends Joe &
Lisa in February after chatting with them about my "green
thumb" endeavors. Thanks for helping me get started!

Left: pepper seeds. Middle: Roma tomato seeds.
 Right: green beans.

Look for future "Chronicles of my Green Thumb" blog entries, as I will be tracking the progress of my plant's growth!


  1. Thanks for the unnecessary credit. Please post some updates when your plants start showing!

  2. Expect another entry in the next day or so... =)


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