Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Foggy Day

As I looked out the window today, I observed a dense fog engulfing Chicago. The skyline absent from view, the city felt smaller. Despite experiencing numerous foggy days in Chicago previously, today its presence was overwhelming. Hanging low toward the city streets weaving in between buildings and skyscrapers, it gave me that ominous feeling you get when someone is looking over your shoulder. 

If only the Hancock or the Willis tower would protrude out of the haze for a moment, I thought with discontent! I was confident it would give me a greater sense of security that the city wasn't swallowed up by the fog, taken away from me forever. I was aware I was being a bit dramatic. Yet, the thick gray wall between me and my favorite skyline was making me feel claustrophobic and anxious.

Determined to shake the feeling, I attended a yoga class and skipped my usual bus ride home. Instead, I walked home. During my walk, I slowly found myself no longer threatened by mother nature. As it began to rain five blocks before I reached my door step, I was able to find beauty in the hazy dimly lit streets. Windows cracked open, bikes locked to fences and posts, and people leisurely walking their dogs made me smile. These were clear signs that warmer sunnier days would be upon us soon . 

With my mental cloud lifted and the day coming to an end, I am reminded of a verse from the poem "The Invitation" by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Stanza seven reads, "I want to know if you can see Beauty/ even when it is not pretty/ every day./And if you can source your own life/ from its presence".

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