Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clothing Swap!

As I've grown older, shopping has become increasingly unappealing. I often find myself frustrated as I shop for a needed clothing item. Music in stores tend to be too loud and commercial, racks are too full, dressing room lines too long and the sizing of clothing from brand to brand seem to be reliably inconsistent. In one store my pant size is a 26, in another store I'm a size 29! This leads to mounds of clothing stacked in the dressing room, leaving me in a daze. Much of the time I try to forgo this exasperating experience until a hole is so large in my pants that I might be arrested for indecent exposure. 

Therefore, when I received a  "Clothing Swap" party invitation a few weeks ago, I was beyond excited.  This would enable me to trade the annoying shopping experience for a girls night accompanied with cocktails, hors d'oeurves and good conversation. When was the last time you sipped Pinot Gritio while scouring the racks of Nordstrom, and then leaving with a bag full of clothes with no prospect of buyers remorse? Additionally, a clothing swap meant I could rid my closet of items I no longer use, while hopeful scoring "new" frocks from other party attendees. 

This particular swap was hosted by my friend Brandy. The party was small, but extremely fruitful! I came with only two items and left with a big bag of goodies. Items nabbed included new black work pants (I desperately needed), a vintage house robe and clutch purse, Levi jeans, a summer dress and skirt, a green sweater, a purple sweater and funky multi-colored stripped leg warmers. 

When I eventually returned home late in the evening, I poured all my newly acquired items on the floor. Scanning the floor, I felt genuinely happy. I was happy because we filled our desire to sport new threads without creating more waste. I was happy because I saw the items from my closet receive a fabulous new owner. I was happy because, most importantly, the evening was one filled with laughter, the exchange of ideas and storytelling. Thank you ladies for not just filling my closet, but filling my spirit!

Enjoy some highlights of the clothing swap below!

 Amanda(left), Brandy (middle) & Diana (upper right).

My pile of new clothes dumped on the floor!

A dress I plan to make great use of this summer!

A Vintage robe. I almost didn't grab this robe, and now
it's probably my favorite item I nabbed. Thanks Amanda!

The robe close up! I love the belt that cinches in the waist.

A Vintage purse. It's a medium size clutch that will easily fit all the
 essentials needed when heading out for a night on the town.

A new skirt for summer! The length is a little longer than I usually wear,
 but the fit is perfect, compensating for this minor detail.

The skirt close up! The buttons moving down the front of the
 skirt paired with the subtle stripes won me over.

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