Monday, September 5, 2011

The coming of Autumn.

This morning I stumbled out of my bedroom to find a cool crisp breeze filling the living room.  It was as if luscious green country side air had been transported to our place after a light mid-afternoon rain. My roommates and I left the windows open last night. We were trying to rid our apartment of the stale air confined between our walls. The air that had been lingering after the last few days of hot sticky weather.

As the day wore on, our apartment remained cool. And it was clear how each of my roommates felt about the changing of the seasons. Two of my roommates were depressed that the warmth they had been looking forward to all year was already leaving the windy city. Myself and another roommate smiled with joy, thinking about all the wonderful pleasures which autumn brings.

Personally, autumn is my favorite season. I love splurging on pumpkin spice lattes, smelling the night air as fire places are lit for the first time after summer, seeing the passionate gathering of people as  football season goes into high gear, cooking with spaghetti squash or preparing a hearty vegetarian chili, and seeing natures most magical show; the changing of the leaves. It is the time of year where goblins and ghouls come out for Halloween and the light begins to give into darkness.

Soon I will tuck away my flip flops in the back of my closet until the first warm spring day. I will exchange my open toe shoe-wear for the closed toe variety; knee high boots and classy flats. My sundresses will soon hang in my closet for months untouched while sweaters, tights, and flannel button up shirts become my uniform. Coats and scarves will be my outdoor ornaments, as I walk down streets adorned by pumpkins and cornstalks as fallen leaves crunch beneath my feet.

Autumn is coming.

And I am happy.

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  1. I, too, am very excited about fall. Comfortable temperatures, beautiful leaves, scarf-wearing, and most importantly, Patterson's apple cider. You'll have to visit home so you can drink some!!

  2. Hopefully I will make it back to Ohio at some point during the fall. It is always beautiful before the 1st winter snow =)

    Thanks for the comment Hayley!


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