Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Travelin' Tuesdays - Seven

One point of connection my boyfriend Chris and I have is our love of travel. Early on in our relationship we exchanged stories about our experiences navigating new geography, languages and cultural customs. One photo I distinctly remember viewing after dating only a month or two is the one shown above; tiny fish formally known as gerra rufa eating his flesh in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a pedicure treatment where these fish suck on human flesh as their source of sustenance. They have no teeth, so there is no biting involved. A typical treatment is usually between 15 minutes and one hour long; resulting in skin feeling silky and smooth. Additionally, the fish help treat skin problems like psoriasis. See them in action in the video below!

To be honest, initially I found the photo/video shocking, and a bit nauseating. But after taking a step back and learning about the benefits of having these flesh eating fish attack one's skin, I know I would jump at the chance to have that experience.

This is the way of travel for me; constantly being confronted with the unfamiliar and then be given the opportunity to put my bias' aside. When I put my bias' aside new experiences are explored, fears are confronted, and ignorance (hopefully) is shed.

When have you been confronted with something completely unfamiliar while traveling? How did you deal with the experience? What did you learn? Please leave comments below!

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