Thursday, December 15, 2011

Memphis Travel Recommendations:

A wall outside Elvis' home signed by his adoring fans/visitors.

Do you love to travel? Planning to visit Memphis?  Planning on driving by the city on a longer road trip? Big Elvis fan?

This post is for you!
After spending five glorious days in this fabulous southern city, I put together a little list of recommendations for my fellow travelers. Enjoy! 

Thrifty Shopping:
If you love vintage or thrift store shopping, Memphis is a great destination!

Items are well displayed and are in great condition. If you're in need of old fashioned porcelain Christmas decorations, they have an amazing selection! This place totally made me feel like I was visiting in my grandmother's house.

This street made me wish I had been driving a U-Haul on my trip. If you have a love of old furniture and sifting through old clothes to find a good deal, this is your spot!! Google map Summer Avenue and National Street. Search "thrift stores". Tons will pop up on your map. My recommendation is head west on Summer Ave. from National St., and peruse the shops!!

Be prepared to loosen your belt buckle after hitting up some of these local restaurants!

If you're a traveler on a budget, enjoy fun local flare {go University of Memphis!}, and drool at the thought of red velvet doughnuts that taste more like a cupcake, then this is your Memphis must.

Despite being a meat heavy menu, I found their BBQ portabello mushroom and Gouda cheese sandwich more than satisfying. An added plus-- they carry microbrewed beers!!

A new addition to the Memphis restaurant scene, this restaurant serves up an amazing thin crust pizza. If you love pork, be sure to order the prosciutto!

**Additional Recommendations: Republic Coffee Memphis {vegetarian friendly} and River Oaks Restaurant {A local man recommend their burgers. All their meats are free range/ farm raised}.

A Tourist Must:
There are many touristy activities for any visitor to busy themselves with during their stay. Below are my two favorites!!

Located on the property Martin Luther King was assassinated; The Lorraine Motel. It's a bit eerie to walk through the place MLK took his final steps, but incredibly moving and well worth the ticket price.

Even if you're not an Elvis fan, head over to Graceland. Getting a glimpse into this late cultural icon's life proves to be intriguing. A tour of Graceland includes a walk through  Elvis' house, checking out his two personal jets and numerous vehicles, and seeing various angles of the "glitz and glamour" that went along with being "the king". Additional Recommendations:
  • Ideal on a sunny day. There is quite a bit of walking outside, so rain may put a damper on your visit.
  • DO NOT purchase your souvenirs on Graceland property. There are stores across the street and next door who offer similar items cheaper.
  • Do use the photo booths! Use the booth on the left. You get two strips for $5, and an awesome video replay of yourself posing and making funny faces for the camera.
  • Outside Elvis' home there is a wall near the street signed by many visitors. Bring some paint or a sharpie, and leave a message!!

To really set the mood, I couldn't end this post without a little Elvis serenade. Enjoy!!! =)

Additional Memphis recommendations are welcome! Please add to this list by leaving a comment below! =)

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