Friday, December 30, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things {2011}

Upon examination of my life in 2011, beyond running and travel, I quickly discovered this has been the year of B's. 
Beer. Blogs. Books.
Below is a list of my five favorite from each category in 2011. Enjoy!!

This year I decided to move beyond being a 312 Goose Island beer guzzling Chicagoan, and expand my horizons. Below are my five favorite beers I sipped on this year {in no particular order}. 

Creating this blog last January spiked my interest in the blogging world immensely. Below I've listed five blogs I've been reading regularly each week, that also touch upon my varying interests. {This is in no way inclusive of all the bloggers I follow and love, but illustrates the variety of blogs I enjoy}
  • Shut Up + Run: a running blog that always makes me laugh and keeps me motivated.
  • AWG Chicago: a left leaning political blog always making me think.
  • THE FLYBIRD: a travel blog featuring adorable couple Kylie and Spencer, and their amazing photography & videos.
  • Jeff Goins Writer: a blog inspiring me to become a better more consistent writer everyday.
  • The Anchor & The Bird: a blog featuring a lovely New York gal named Carolynn doing inspiring creative good deeds all around the city.

After college, reading suddenly became a choice instead of a "must-do" activity. For me, in order to feel full-filled and whole, the choice has been clear; reading would still be a priority in my week-to-week routine. Here are my five favorite books I read this year{in no particular order}.

I would love to know about your favorite Beer, Blogs, and Books in 2011.
Please leave comments below!!


  1. I'm impressed you have a favorite beer list. Even when I drink something aside from the norm that I like, I usually forget the name of it as soon as the glass is empty. I'll have to try some of those!

  2. My favorite book in 2011 was definitely Freedom from Jonathan Franzen.

    I don't know that I can peg one favorite blog, but there are a few specific posts that come to mind.

    And in the beer category, I discovered the wonderful world of bourbon barrel aged stouts in 2011. Top 3 (In no particular order.): Indignant from Haymarket Brewery in Chicago, Black Power from Revolution Brewery in Chicago, and Barrel Aged Old Rasputin from North Coast Brewery in Fort Bragg CA.

  3. @Hayley- I was exactly the same way. I would drink something and then forget. But I grew tired of trying to reinvent the wheel every time I went out to a bar or went to the store. So I started typing into the notepad of my phone beers I liked as I drank them. I also started keeping bottles so I would remember to look them up online before I forgot all about them. I am excited to keep doing this in 2012 and see how my tastes evolve =)

  4. @Chris- thanks for including your personal list. I love the "few thoughts on artistry" post as well. And I am really hoping to read Freedom this year too!!! =)

  5. @Chris- I am also very flattered to have you mention my blog posts. Thanks!! =)


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