Thursday, December 22, 2011

Post-Marathon Update!

I'm smiling because of all the yummy food I just consumed! =)

It's been two weeks and five days since I ran my first marathon.
For those of you wondering what happens after race day; below is a little recap of life thus far.

Week 1: 
I was sore as all hell! For the first four days after the race I hobbled around, stuffed my face with food, and tried not to scream anytime I had to sit down, stand up, or use the stairs. As for working out, I walked hobbled a lot to keep muscles from stiffening up too much, and attended one restorative yoga class.

Week 2:
I felt fatigued and low on energy.  I grew concerned I was getting a cold, so Emergen-C Immune Plus naturally became my best friend. My workouts were scarce due to my lack of energy {and maybe because I continued to indulge in some post-race celebrating}. I did manage to attend one of my favorite yoga classes, squeeze in two 45 minute walks and one quick two mile run.

This Week: 
My priorities lie with hanging out with friends, Chris, and my family. I am starting to feel a bit sluggish; so I am definitely eager to begin lacing up my shoes again for a good sweat. I anticipate my first solid run since the race to be this Friday. I'll be back in Ohio where I'll have a treadmill handy in my parent’s basement, and runner friendly streets baring many childhood memories.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that having a few lazy weeks after the race will keep me injury-free as I begin to rev up my running schedule again.

Lastly, with the New Year on the horizon, I am currently creating running goals for 2012. Thus far, I've decided I will participate in two half-marathons and one full marathon. I also want to run a few races of shorter distances to dramatically improve my speed.

So for now, it's off to do some racing research, and relish in holiday cheer{translation- eat more cookies}!
Happy Thursday everyone!!

What races are you planning to run in 2012? Do you have any race suggestions for my 2012 schedule? I would LOVE to hear from you! Please leave comments below. =) 


  1. You know, I am so proud of you for running, and I need to get myself out again! I am thinking of running Chicago's 1/2 for 2012... you are and inspiration! xoxo jmoksha

  2. Thanks Jules!!! You are so sweet!!! =)


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