Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bitter Sweet

Sydney Harbor near the Opera House.
February 2012
My body feels like a semi-truck ran over it. A nagging exhaustion forces me to yawn every ten minutes. The  constant fluttering of my eyelids urges me to lay down for a nap. But I avoid the temptation as it would only add to the confusion of my body clock. I know jet-lag has mercilessly taken hold of my body.

I'm back in Chicago, adjusting to the rhythms of the American city dweller. My mood, beyond my blood shot eyes, is bitter sweet. It was hard to board the plane to depart Australia. It was hard to leave a place where summer weather prevails, indulgence was a constant theme, creating memories with an old college friend was without question, and intercultural exchanges were a daily occurrence. 

 On the flip side of the coin, coming home has its perks. It means sleeping in my own bed, real life cuddles from my boyfriend {instead of managing time zone sensitive Skype dates}, and planning meet-ups with friends I left behind in the windy city. It also means working towards new goals-- as my resolutions list for 2012 still remains lengthy.

As I adjust back to the central time zone, Underlined and Bold will begin to swell with photos and reflections about Australia. I will also go back to posting about running, my Chicago shenanigans, and "Picks to Ponder". So if any of  those topics are of interest to you, you're in luck!

 But for now I lay in bed, pinching my cheeks in disbelief of my good fortune; the fortune to travel, and the fortune to have a wonderful place to call home. 


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  1. welcome back! we should have coffee sometime soon - I want to hear about australia!!!

    1. For sure Bethany! We shall be in touch soon =)


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