Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Weekend in Sorrento

The second weekend of my Australia travels was just for the ladies. My friend Ali {who I was visiting in Melbourne} was invited to her friend Biffy's family beach house in Sorrento. Lucky me, I was able to tag along. Ninety-degree heat, swimsuits, sun tan lotion, sand castles, my first proper fish and chips experience, bunk beds, giggles, a sunset among the rocks, and an evening of reliving my childhood via a viewing of Clueless {RIP Brittany Murphy} defined my time in this slow paced seaside town.

Below is a little glimpse of my time there. Enjoy!

Me, Ali, Laura, and Biffy
{left to right}

More photos and reflections from my time down under to come! So be sure to visit Underlined and Bold again soon.
If you missed my travel photos from my first week in Melbourne, Australia, click here.

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