Thursday, March 24, 2011

In need of Handyman Services? Look no further...

 Walking through the Pilsen neighborhood the other day, I came across this grocery cart. Locked to a bike rack with a heavy chain link and pad lock, I couldn't help but wonder who was the owner. In the day of  internet, television and fancy billboard advertisements does a simple sign like this bring a person business? 

If business is booming, this sign is genius as it is very cost effective. If business is slow, I admire the effort and hope my blog entry will bring about new revenue.

Despite the profit margins of this business venture, this sign is awesome for two reasons:
1. Enthusiasm! Exclamation points are used liberally, showing this individual is very excited about their work.
2. There is a $ placed in the 's' of the word discount at the bottom of the sign. Bonus points for creativity!

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