Friday, March 11, 2011

Top 5 Weekend Highlights

Before moving onto another busy Chicago weekend, below are some highlights from last weekend. Enjoy!

1. Rod Stewart impersonator.
Photo courtesy of Sarah Jane Rhee
Attendance at PROMME, a fundraiser for 826CHI provided me the privileged of seeing an awesome Rod Stewart impersonator. He opened with "Maggie May," winning my heart from his first step on stage. On a more serious note, if you're looking for a great volunteer or monetary donation opportunity, 826CHI is a worthy non-profit. The organization works to improve the writing skills of children 6-18 years old throughout the city of Chicago. Don't live in Chicago? Check out the 826 National and see if there is a site closer to your home!

2. A visit from my parents: Bob & Judy!
My parents came in for the weekend for both pleasure and business. We mostly spent time eating, shopping, and going to the theatre. Thank you mom and dad for the lovely weekend!!

3. Watching my dad eat an entire fish.
Friday evening my parents and I headed to Carnivale for dinner. My dad ordered one of the specials - an entire fried Red Snapper. Holy moly! It was brought to the table with the eye balls and everything. When I lived in Alaska, I handled plenty of whole fish, so that was nothing new. What was new was watching my dad attack the thing with a vengeance. I am proud to say he did a beautiful job tearing out the spine (bringing all the bones with it) in one foul swoop. Way to go dad!

4. A trip to the theatre.
I'm happy to say I was able to catch a performance of Working, as it was the last weekend it was playing in Chicago. The show is described as "the PERFECT MUSICAL for everyone who has ever worked a day in their lives". This description is beyond accurate! The musical is based on award-winning author Studs Terkel's  book Working. I hope to read the book in the near future!

Photo Courtesy of
5. A 4 mile Saturday run            
Saturday was a dreary day in Chicago. Despite the weather, I set out on a nice early morning run. Using, I formulated a new route and set out in my cold weather gear.  The first mile I felt my body warming up. My strides were slow and long, as my feet moved evenly across the pavement.  Mile two moved me into the blissed out state know as "runner's high". My "runner's high" carried me seamlessly through the remainder of my run.

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