Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 15: Chicago Summer Solstice Countdown

Happy Birthday Mom!!

As a child, the best time of year to have your birthday is during the school year. One can relish in a day where the classroom is completely centered around you. A birthday message on the board, homemade treats brought in by a parent at the end of the day, line leader privileges and a valid excuse to slack off on assignments is the expected outcome! Some teachers even provide crowns!

As an adult, I would argue the reverse is true. Summer is truly an ideal time to have your birthday. It's a time of BBQs, outdoor concerts, patio seating and lazy days where taking an extra day off work is more socially acceptable.

I have a January birthday. Personal experience has shown me there is no beach waiting for me if I take an extra day off work. Historically my birthday is snowy and cold, leaving me few options of people who want to brave the elements to celebrate. 

Day 15 is dedicated to all people with summer birthdays! May your special day be filled with the people you love and lots of cake and ice cream!

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