Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 28: Chicago Summer Solstice Countdown

Congratulations to Billy & Ashley!
May all your days be filled with health, happiness & love.

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a wedding at the Walden Inn in Ohio. It was a pleasure to see two young people express such genuine affection and love for one another. The wedding was obviously well planned. Color schemes and outfits were well coordinated. Dinner was delicious, dancing was contagious and the best man was actually funny. Wine was generously poured and desserts were plentiful. I appreciated all these things, as many people probably poured over these details long before I sat upright in my chair watching the exchange of vows.

But beyond these details, what I appreciated most was the small exchanges of genuine but fleeting moments of joy between so many people. I watched the bride and groom glow as they graced the dance floor staring into each others eyes. I saw mothers beaming with happiness, as they hugged their children during the rose ceremony, showing approval of their child entering into the bond of marriage. I observed my brother exchange knowing glances between his friends he's known since high school, while the best man did a little roasting of the groom during his speech. I experienced the feeling of community as the live band sang well known songs, so everyone on the dance floor could sing in unison.

Often grander and/or more dramatic moments in our lives remind us of what is important and how we would like to live our lives. Billy and Ashley's wedding reminded me of how I value the relational aspect of being human. It reminded me how each moment (where you're in the presence of others) offers the opportunity for each of us to positively and compassionately connect with one another.

Day 28 is dedicated to all the small moments of joy we may share with friends, family and even strangers this summer. Whether we're attending a wedding, or sharing a bowl of cereal and a tall cup of orange juice with a roommate, may we all enjoy the fleeting moments of tiny pleasures that grace each of our days!

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