Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 30: Chicago Summer Solstice Countdown

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!!
Summer has officially arrived, bringing Underlined and Bold to the end of its countdown. Thank you to everyone who participated in the summer solstice project, it would not have come together without you! A big thank you also goes out to the Underlined and Bold audience. I hope the countdown served as a bright spot in your days, while you patiently awaited summer's arrival. 

On that note, I leave you one last "countdown" post, divulging what I am looking forward to this summer in Chicago. Enjoy!


Ukrainian Village

Astrological Sign:

Thoughts on Chicago Summer:
I am so excited for Chicago summer! I look forward to eating fresh veggies from the farmers markets, biking all over the city (trying to avoid pot holes), running on the lakeshore, improving my yoga practice, going to my first White Sox game, reading great books, and (most importantly) spending quality time with all the wonderful people in my life.

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