Sunday, May 1, 2011

Be Social! Get Botox!

The other day I opened the inbox of my gmail account and burst into laughter. Living Social (Chicago) featured discounted Botox treatments as their daily deal! 

Now, I understand that Botox can treat some legitimate health issues including crossed eyes as well as severe back and neck pain. And that is no laughing matter. But for some reason, I have a feeling that the majority of the 234 people who bought this deal below are not managing back pain.   

There is a chance though that the joke is on me. There is a chance that ridding my face of all emotion via a neurotoxic protein for the sake of "Living Social" will improve my life. I won't rule out the possibility.

But for now I think I'll take my chances. I'll skip the face injections in hope that I'll still be able to live socially.

The Women Institute
20 Units of Botox
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  • 50%
  • 234
  • 18 : 48 : 03
Although wrinkles can indicate wisdom, many would prefer another way to illustrate their deep understanding and insight. Let today's deal show you the light with 20 units of Botox for $150 at The Women Institute in Lakeview (a $300 value). Led by Dr. Claudia Rodriguez, this medspa and wellness center promotes overall health and wellness just for women. Sagely target crow's feet, brow lines, and other wrinkles with this virtually painless, physician-performed procedure. It takes just 15 to 20 minutes, and within a few days, you'll see dramatic, youthful results. Show off your smarts and nab this deal -- the price isn't the only thing that will be de-creased.
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