Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 5: Chicago Summer Solstice Countdown

A thespian from a young age (although I do not perform currently), I naturally became apart of the drama club when I entered high school. I often spent long hours at school rehearsing for a show, completing assistant directing duties, painting sets or tearing sets down after long weekends of performances. Call me a dork, but drama club was one of the most memorable meaningful activities I participated in, in high school.

Although most drama club activities died down for the summer, a few fundraising events were sporadically planned. Above is a photo taken about seven years ago. I'm the gal on the left side of the photo with the hose. I'm clearly dutifully fulfilling my responsibilities as treasurer by hosting a car wash at the local gas station. I had some interesting tactics to get people to work. ;) Thanks Emily (pictured on the right) for being a good sport!

Participated in summer car wash fundraisers in high school?? Have great memories of spraying people with garden hoses on horrendously hot days?? Post some comments below!

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