Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chronicles of my Green Thumb - Entry 3

With each passing day I've noticed subtle differences in the growth of my plants. My green bean plants maturing the fastest, I decided to place them in their final home; a 13 inch turquoise pot I purchased from Home Depot a few months ago. 

The process of placing the plants in their final home was a little more involved then just plopping them into soil. With the desire to create the optimum conditions for growth, I meticulously made adjustments to their pot. 

First I made holes in the bottom of the pot to facilitate water drainage. Then I smashed plates I purchased cheaply at a thrift store. 

(To learn how to safely smash plates for any DIY project click here.)

Next, I filled the bottom of the pot 2 inches deep with medium and small plate pieces. Many people use gravel, but the plates were super cheap at the thrift store (and were really fun to break). The purpose of putting gravel or broken plates at the bottom of a pot is to aide with water drainage. Improper water drainage can cause root rot! Eeek!

Next, I proceeded to get my hands dirty! I opened up my 40 pound bag of potting soil, and scooped the soil into the pot. When the pot was half full I placed my plants in the soil and proceeded to bury their roots and the bottom portion of their stem.

Check back tomorrow to see photos of the finished product!!

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see the end result! Make me want to start my own plan endeavor :)


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