Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 4: Chicago Summer Solstice Countdown

I took this photo while riding my bike through the Lakeview neighborhood one evening during the summer of 2009. This is a great message to keep in mind when a summer evening isn't quite living up to your expectations.


  1. I know that I'm probably alone on this, but I like these last few cool rainy days of spring. Its gonna be plenty hot soon enough. Get one last good night on the couch with your favorite blanket. Finish off that last packet of hot chocolate that's sitting in the cupboard. It'll be a while before you get the chance to do that again.

  2. I wish I had taken your perspective on the past few rainy days. Instead I've been griping about not being able to ride my bike...

    So I guess my packets of hot chocolate (I definitely have 3 or 4 left)are going to have to wait to be enjoyed until a nice cool fall day comes along in a couple of months...


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