Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chronicles of my Green Thumb - Entry 2

Birds eye view of my growing veggies! The green bean plants are the most
 visible -- stretching their long leaves across the photo.

My small garden has bloomed! Over a month ago these plants were mere seeds. Since then, they've matured from babies to children who seek more room to grow. I'm so proud!

 I'm beginning to gather all the necessary materials to put them into pots; their final home before consumption. But before I jump to this next step, I took photos providing a glimpse of my efforts as an urban dweller trying out my "green thumb". Enjoy!

Pepper plants emerging from the soil.

Roma tomato plants standing tall!

So my "green thumb" endeavors haven't been perfect. This is
a pepper plant looking quite droopy. Additionally, one pepper seed and
 one Roma tomato seed I planted never sprouted.

If you're curious about the beginnings of my "green thumb'" endeavors, click here!
Otherwise, stayed tuned for another update coming soon.


  1. This really is fun. Do you know how long it will be until you can pick something? I want to try the green beans. And I'm still holding out hope for the peppers too. Have you thought about what you might make with this stuff? Maybe a tomato sauce with peppers?!

  2. This is a really fun project to take on. I'm already learning a lot and thinking about things I would do differently next year.

    Additionally, I haven't put much thought into what i'm going to use the stuff for because I'm so focused on not killing them at the moment... but if I don't kill them I'm glad you've volunteered yourself to test out the finished product with me. =)


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