Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i love this time of year

The holiday season is in full gear.  Thanksgiving leftovers are devoured from fridges across the country. Christmas trees are decorated with tinsel and lights. Menorah's are placed on mantels. Resolutions of 2011 are evaluated for the creation of a new 2012 list. 

i love this time of year!

It's a time of hope and light. It's a time for the first dusting of snow. It's a time when heavy blankets are piled on my bed {making it harder to get up from the warmth  & comfort in the morning}. It's a time of hot chocolate, Home Alone, and Charlie Brown Christmas. It's a time for family. It's a time for friends. It's a time of late night evenings with red wine and spiked egg nog.

{did i mention, i love this time of year?}

i feel immensely grateful to lead the life i am.  A life of creature comforts. Loving faces. Travels and exploration. A life of dreams realized. A life of possibilities yet unknown.

Cheers & blessings to all this holiday season.


  1. This makes me excited for December. I'm very grateful I get to spend Christmas with the Smith family! I was just talking about your mom's (very) spiked eggnog :)

  2. yummy eggnog!

    and i guess this means this is your official RSVP to our x-mas eve gathering. So excited!! We need to listen to Rent this year =)


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