Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Zombie's Halloween Story

This is the story of one doctor. 
Killed and risen from the dead. 
Then returned to the world on Halloween night 
as a ZOMBIE in search of
brains, blood, and revenge.

  Wandering through the urban jungle on Halloween night, no one suspected the doctor zombie to be a vicious creature. 

She mingled with celebrities...

Popeye & Olive Oil

Tina Turner

Russel Brand & Katy Perry

John Travolta & Uma Thurman of Pulp Fiction

peace loving hippies...

the French...

and even the 1% corporate elite.

Until she could not withhold her urges for blood, brains, and revenge.
And began to attack!

But just as the ZOMBIE doctor was truly enjoying the blood, brains, and revenge-- 
Mrs. Lovett stepped in-- beating the ZOMBIE into a final grave.
And saving Halloween!

Everyone rejoiced! And the party continued!


I hope everyone enjoyed the Halloween festivities over the past couple of days!
Chicago was truly a fun place to be this weekend.

If you dressed up this year, I would love to know about your costume. So please leave a comment below. 
Happy dias de los muertos!


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