Saturday, November 26, 2011

Judgement, Laughter, Gratitude

Laughter is truly the best medicine!
Photo Credit: Marcus Bernales (Creative Commons)

Picks to Ponder:
A weekly post featuring a few notable items I've found to be thought provoking, and/or a positive influence on my outlook on life. 
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"We condemn in others what we are afraid to see in ourselves."
-Deepak Chopra

On Judgement
I struggle with being judgmental.  I have condemed the materialistic behavior of others with fury and superiority, while watching this video of "Black Friday Mania". I have happily made fun of this pageant contestant without a second thought. And while riding Chicago buses and trains, I have found myself, one time too many, smirking and being dismissive of the behavior of other riders. 

I am not proud of this behavior. Thus, finding alternative view points and constructive ways of thinking about the world in which we live, is vital to my personal growth.

Below I've included some links that inspire me to move toward love and compassion, and beyond judgement. Enjoy!

On Laughter
It's basically an essential non-negotiable part of life. Here is what I've been laughing at this week:

On Gratitude
Most of my friends do not blog. And most of them lose interest as endless rambles fall from my lips concerning the beauty and inspiration I find among the blogging community. And as Thanksgiving came and went this year, blog posts were filled with candid moving thoughts of gratitude. Thus, I am sincerely grateful for all the amazing bloggers out there. You make me think, laugh, create, and grow.

Want to see some of my favorite blogs posts who helped me get into the Thanksgiving spirit? Click the links below!

  • Ashore {A lovely poetic Portland, Oregon blogger who truly has a way with words!}
  • the Flybird {Adorable couple, Spencer & Kylie, reveal why they are grateful to be alive via a wicked travel story! Love it!}
  • the Daily Muse {If you love animals, this link is for you. No Thanksgiving is complete without an amazingly cute dog video!}

I would love to read your thoughts on this weeks Picks to Ponder. 
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