Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Running is Pure Flow

Marathon Training Inspiration {continued}
Excerpt from Christopher McDougall's Born to Run
Note: The person quoted from this excerpt is Jenn Shelton, an American record setting Ultra-Marathon runner.

"When I'm out on a long run," she continued, "the only thing in life that matters is finishing the run. For once, my brain isn't going blehblehbleh all the time. Everything quiets down, and the only thing going is pure flow. It's just me and the movement and the motion. That's what I love-- just being a barbarian, running through the woods."

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  1. That line about being a barbarian running through the woods is such a cool line. It's popped into my head during a number of runs. I think my favorite moment with that quote came on a morning when I stumbled upon a small Bavarian forest just outside of Munich. It was early October, and the air was cool and grey and there was a low fog hanging onto everything. I was running through the forest with that line playing on a loop in my head. All I could hear was my breathing and the sound of my feet pounding the dirt. For a moment, I felt connected to every human being that has ever lived.

  2. I felt like a barbarian on the lakefront yesterday. Just me barreling down the trail with the lake and super gusty winds. Even though I was technically alone, I felt connected to something so much bigger than myself. Incredible...almost indescribable...



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