Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Loss of a Living Treasure

Photo Credit: images of life -Chris Pike

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In Alaska
The Loss of a Living Treasure.
When I lived in Bethel, Alaska {a town of 6,000, only accessible by plane}, I had the privilege of attending Cama-i, a traditional native dance festival. Each year, the center piece of this festival is Maryann Sundown, a Yup'ik native elder from Scammon Bay {one of 56 villages surrounding Bethel}. At 91 I saw her dance. She commanded the stage with energy and enthusiasm, sitting front and center surrounded by fellow Scammon Bay dancers.

A few weeks ago, at 93, she passed away. The news of her passing greatly saddened me, as I know she was a source of light and wisdom in her community. The best way I can express the meaning of her loss is through an African proverb; "When a knowledgeable old person dies, a whole library disappears."

According to Anchorage Daily News, Sundown is survived by ten children, 60 grandchildren, 161 great-grandchildren, and 19 great-great grandchildren.

To learn more about Maryann Sundown click here.

In Music
Putting it on repeat.
A brunette New Yorker, put up this video from the The Non-Commissioned Officers on a recent blog post. It is so freakin' catchy, I can't help but keep it on repeat!

On D.I.Y.
Simple Crafts Only!
I love the D.I.Y movement. I love perusing Etsy, attending Renegade Craft Fairs, and adding D.I.Y. blogs to my Google reader. The only thing I don't love, is my lack of dedication to developing my own crafty skills. I find, when embarking upon a new craft, I get frustrated by step two. Then after over analyzing the situation for a while, I give up. Thus, I've decided to stop "book marking" just any craft that catches my eye, and note only ones that are relatively simple {until my skills and patience improve}.

Click here to see the first project I plan to embark upon!

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  1. omg. love it. can't wait to see your version.really happy I came across your blog. totally following. If you get second, I'd love if you'd check out mine. It's all about the adventures of a east coast girl turned LA stylist. thanks, love. xo

  2. I will def. post photos of my newly transformed sweater when it's complete!

    And glad to see you've become a follower =)


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