Thursday, November 17, 2011


Picks to Ponder:
A weekly post featuring a few notable items I've found to be thought provoking, and/or a positive influence on my outlook on life. 
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On Relationships
This week I was honored to write a guest blog post on Story Wrought. My post addressed my decision to leave Alaska, and the importance of developing deep interpersonal relationships in my life.

The video below features world renowned yoga teacher John Friend discussing the impact deep long term relationships can have on our lives. His words echo my sentiments, and greatly inspires me.

On Lifestyle
The Shelby is a storytelling project created by Todd Shelby. The project works to share stories of creative interesting people {artists, writers, designers, etc.} through video and photographs. Below is a video featuring Rockaway Taco and its co-owener Andrew Field. Field's narrative is an example of living life unconventionally with great quality and meaning.

It is my hope, I can continually find ways to do the same.

{Note: The Shelby recently produced a video for Zara featuring Lucy Chadwick. The video has been quite popular among bloggers. Personally, I absolutely adore it and highly suggest checking it out.}

I would love to read your thoughts on this weeks Picks to Ponder. 
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  1. what an interesting blog!


  2. I love those videos, in particular the second one. So often I find that people who want to lead a simple life end up with a life devoid of relationships and connections. I feel like the second video showed that a simple life can be mixed with a sense of community and relationships that build something wonderful out of something so small.

  3. I second that Emma! Thank you for your thoughts!

    And Plami -- glad you're finding thought provoking content on Underlined and Bold. I hope you will continue to join the discussion =)

  4. Read the one about relationship, and really helped me with some thoughts I had on my own relationship. Thanks.
    Followed too btw. And maybe youll visit me someday.

  5. The Bookness - Glad you found you found this post relevant and helpful =)


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