Friday, November 4, 2011

Creativity, Halloween, & Jobs

Halloween 2011.

Picks to Ponder:
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On Steve Jobs
Two Sides to Every Story
Since Jobs' death, his name, famous quotes, accomplishments, and gadgets have penetrated my world at an unprecedented level. Whether I'm reading a small time blog on WordPress, or engaged in my daily perusal of the New York Times, his influence seems to be everywhere. I am not necessarily sad that a "genius" has left our world. I am sad to think of a man's life taken prematurely by cancer, leaving family and friends behind knowing there will be no more birthdays, weddings, or holidays in which they can make new memories together.

Beyond discussing the meaning of his death, I am most intrigued by how the media is analyzing his life; his legacy. His story, at least the one being told in print at the moment, reminds me that there are always (at least) two sides to every story.

Click here to read Ryan Tates' article discussing Jobs tyrannical leadership style, lack of interest in philanthropy, and un-American execution of censorship. 

Click here to read Mona Simpson's (Jobs' sister) loving eulogy. {Get the Kleenex ready!}

On Artistry
Anyone can be an Artist
This link is for all those who write, paint, and create. Click here, enjoy, and be inspired.

On Halloween
A Time for Creativity
Each year Halloween arrives, and the only thing I'd have ready is criticism. "Another holiday of excess and overindulgence," I'd moan. This year I put my negativity aside, prepared my ZOMBIE doctor costume, and "partied" with friends.  This year was much more fun. 

This year I also took my head out of the sand, and truly looked around. Friends, roommates, and fellow bloggers were bringing out their creativity rarely seen throughout the rest of the year. In a society focused on efficiency, profit, and scores on standardized "bubble" tests -- it's nice to see a holiday widely celebrated, that promotes creativity and fun. I'll drink to that any day!

Below features links illustrating how people got creative with Halloween in 2011. Enjoy!

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  1. The crayon pumpkin technique would also be awesome on a wine bottle to make a candle holder. And love the make-up job but the movie was a little too crepy for me! Good Post!

  2. Crayons and wine bottles here I come. Thanks for the suggestion =)


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