Thursday, October 20, 2011

A New Addition to Underlined and Bold!

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Picks to Ponder is officially a new weekly post appearing on Underlined and Bold. The weekly posts will include a few notable items I've found to be thought provoking, and/or a positive influence on my outlook on life. My hope is twofold:
  • The first is to spark conversation and dialogue, in order to increase my exposure to varying thoughts and opinions. Therefore, please leave comments after clicking on links and reading each post. 
  • The second is to maintain an organized and accessible record of items I've found to be notable, or have illuminated new ideas. In effect, I hope to better assess my interests as I continue to pursue different paths in regards to lifestyle, religious and political affiliations, and career.

This weeks Picks to Ponder

In Journalism:
A Good Man is Harder to Find
Katie Bolick's cover story "All the Single Ladies," in the October 2011 issue of the Atlantic, is stirring conversation across the country. I, like many others, am fascinated by this piece, and feel it's helping to fill a void in dialogue surrounding modern day relationships.

Click here to read the article.

What are others saying about Bolick's article? Click on the links below to find out!

In Music:
Bare Necessities 
When I arrived to nanny a young girl a few weeks ago, I was instructed to play the 1967 Disney Classic, The Jungle Book. "It's her new favorite movie," the mother explained. As the opening credits appeared on screen, I was consumed by nostalgia.  Midway through the film the "Bare Necessities" blared loudly through the speakers. Closely listening to the lyrics, I discovered a new relevant anthem for myself. It's poignant and speaks clearly to my current outlook on life. Thus, I've been playing the song on repeat ever since. 

{Look for the bare necessities/The simple bare necessities/Forget about your 
worries and your strife/I mean the bare necessities/Old Mother Nature's recipes
/That brings the bare necessities of life}

In Chicago:
Story Lab Chicago
Do you love reading or listening to stories? Are you a storyteller, performer, artist, and/or writer? If so, Story Lab Chicago is for you. Last night I attended my second performance, to support friend and former co-worker Jonas Simon. Simon and fellow cast-mates delivered powerful performances, presenting pieces filled with suspense, humor, truth, and wisdom. 

Click here to learn more about the monthly performances, and how you can get involved.

In Blogs:
Unconventional Living
In need of inspiration to change your current circumstance in life? Elizabeth Hudson at Story Wrought quit her secure "grown up" job to explore what she's truly passionate about: travel and writing. Click here to read her story.

A Tutor's Observation
Click here to read about a short thoughtful reflection about students and school work, and the timeless dilemmas of adolescence. The ending warmed my heart. Thanks Chris!

 I would love to read your thoughts on this weeks Picks to Ponder.
 Please leave comments & questions below so we can discuss.


  1. I love the single ladies article particularly the line that says, "the Dutch don’t regard being single as peculiar in any way—people are as they are." I think in the America (and other) societies people are defined by their relationship status and so much of an emphasis is put on this "ideal." I wonder how things would be different if there wasn't so much pressure on this. I would imagine a lot of people marry because of this ideal and I would rather never marry and feel happy with my life than find myself stuck in a relationship just because it's what I feel I should be doing.

  2. The single ladies article has really struck a cord with me too Emma. What a great quote to pick out!! I def. wonder about that too!

    Additionally, I've asked others about the article, and some have said she sounds bitter. But I think she melds together history, anthropology, personal reflection, and statistics into a beautiful coherent piece that talks about the many complexities concerning modern day relationships in the U.S.

    So glad you loved the article. I hope we will discuss it more.

    Please pass it on to more people, b/c I would love to get more thoughts on it. =)

    love and hugs,

  3. I actually didn't finish reading the article, but I am interested in the idea behind it. I don't think the author necessarily sounds bitter, but the subject can be a little depressing coming from an anecdotal perspective, I suppose. I first really learned about this issue from one of my sociology professors who is a front runner in researching the growing education gap between men and women and its social and economic implications for the future. She also has some interesting studies on racial gaps and relations in college. If you're interested in reading any of her research (and don't mind some sociological jargon) I highly recommend it!

  4. Hayley-

    thanks for providing the link for additional resources. I cannot wait to dive in, and read more about these issues from varying angles.

    Oh, and finish the article. It's really long {12,00 words}, but worth it =)

  5. Thanks for including me, Abigail! Look forward to reading more from you in the future :)


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