Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Next Adventure!

Photo Credit: david__jones on flicker (creative commons)

Graceland and Beale Street here I come! The first weekend in December, Chris and I are road tripping to explore one of America's most historic music cities; Memphis

Our adventure includes running the St. Jude Memphis Marathon and celebrating our one year anniversary.

Stay tuned for marathon training and trip planning updates!


  1. Eight weeks from Thursday, we hit the road.

    Chicago to Memphis, and back.

    You, me, and a rental car. Highways and highway music. Mammoth gas stations stocked with post cards, beef jerky, and $6 Roy Orbison CDs. Middle America surrendering autumn to winter. Low skies, bare trees, and empty swing sets. Semi-Trucks and religious billboards. Good conversations and long peaceful silences.

    There are few things greater than the Great American Road Trip. And I can't wait to share this one with you.

  2. Your enthusiasm makes me blush with excitement! =)


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