Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Adventure in Honesty.

Photo Credit: Auntie K (Flickr Creative Commons)

When I'm not galavanting around the Chicago restaurant scene

...I take on a different part-time title

 in-home child care provider. 


 a  nanny.


A damn awesome baby-sitter... if you will.

{The term baby-sitter makes me feel fifteen, so I refrain from using that word. If you use it in my presence, don't be surprised to see a fierce furled brow being aimed @ you.}


if you are looking for an adventure

in honesty

look no further.

Hang-out with children.

They will not hold back opinions and observations.

They may say

you're an artist. it's obvious.

They may say,

 you have boo boos
{while pointing to the two newest bright red zits to pop up on your face}

They make say,

you're the best baby-sitter because Popsicle's were for dessert.

They may say,

your hair looks fake
{and proceed to pull}

They may say,

your a grown up. you don't know what's going on.

They may say these things

@ least that's what they've said to me

its not malicious

sometimes surprising

often true

& almost always refreshing.


if you're looking for an adventure

in honesty

look no further.

Hang-out with children.

{Wondering what I was like when I was young and honest? Click here to find out!}
Happy Tuesday Everyone!


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