Friday, October 28, 2011

Scrapbook: The Surprise

a month in advance. i cleared my schedule.
for a random pair of October days.

day one. i rolled over. leaned in. and asked...

to be told. "pack-up. we're boarding a bus."
{this is the city i thought. of course we're boarding a bus}

shaking his head. nope. Milwaukee you dope.
and then...

Screaming. Laughing. Smiling.
an out-of-town getaway!

what it is 
to be with someone that listens.

We left Chicago for a few days to embark on my first Milwaukee adventure! See a glimpse of the fun below! 

Has anyone surprised you with something fun or special recently?
Would love to hear your story! Leave comments below!


  1. It was super fun! Def. planning to make it back to Milwaukee again soon. So much to do and see =)


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