Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Northeast Adventure's Bits and Pieces Part 4

The Final Post.

There are no happier people on this planet than those who decide that they want something, define what they want, get hold of the feeling of it even before its manifestation and then joyously watch the unfolding as, piece by piece by piece, it begins to unfold. That's the feeling of your hands in the clay. 
- Abraham Hicks

I want to travel. 
I want to see the world;
its diverse landscapes and people.
I want to taste unknown fruit
and hear sounds for which I have no words. 
I want my nostrils to know confusion 
and eyes to stare in wonderment and awe.
I want faraway sands to filter
through my fingers
-- upon arrival home
find it swishing around in my shoe.
I want to witness the sunset 
at a thousand angles, 
slowly watching the night stars fill the sky 
with brightness. 
I want to listen to the rain make peculiar noises 
under an unfamiliar roof.
I want to travel
I want to see the world.

As an adult, I have found deciding what I want is not a simple task. 
For me it ceases to be simple because there is so much I want and yearn for. I only have so much time in a day. I only have so much money to spend. Understanding these facts, despite my best efforts to ignore them at times, I know decisions must be made. I know I must move certain interests aside, allowing others to take center stage and come to fruition.

One of those decisions I've made is to travel. A choice that involves scrimping and saving for such experiences. Forgoing luxuries of a car, new clothes, or even a fun night out with friends. And sometimes that is hard. But I know something harder. Not buying the plane ticket. Not climbing the mountain. Not visiting faraway friends. Not eating my first lobster roll. Not flipping the truth I've known on its head. Not seeing how others live out their day-to-day lives. That would be much harder for me.

So onward I continue.

Below are the last remaining highlights of my Northeast Adventures. 
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And be sure to visit Underlined and Bold tomorrow as I reveal my next travel destination! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Light and love,

Local. Local. Local.
Unique small local businesses are on every corner of Portland, Maine. Placed prominently in front window displays are "buy local" signs. Guides books to "Keep Portland Independent" are easily located throughout the city. As American landscapes are taken over more and more by big corporations, Portland shows a strong stance against that norm.


Click here to see the work of a talented local artist.

Yoga is for everyone.
Yoga is an integral part of my life. A source of spiritual guidance. A light where darkness lingers mentally and physically. I believe it can serve as such in anyone's life.

My goal: to visit at least one yoga studio everywhere I travel.

In Boston I had a delightful experience with Back Bay Yoga Studio.

In Portland, I attended a one hour "Mixed Flow" class with Shannon at Lila East End Yoga. Shannon is a hands on teacher with strong cuing. Her presence is light and fun, making me feel right at home among her regular students. After class we spent an hour chatting about yoga, and her journey to becoming a yoga teacher. She truly has an amazing spirit! If you are in the area, drop into one of Shannon's classes and tell her I say "hi".


Camping with a porcupine.
As day slipped into night, a porcupine decided to join Betsy and I at our campsite on Hermit Island. Running around our tent with baby in tow, it eventually decided to sit on the branch directly above our tent. She kindly reminded us of her presence by pooping and dropping tree bark all night.

Embarrassing Fun Fact:  As Betsy and I hid in the car, I called my boyfriend Chris to ensure we were not going to be viciously attacked by a porcupine. He informed us, to our relief, that porcupines are docile creatures.

Bathroom Wisdom.
Henry Ford and I shared a meeting of the minds while I tinkled in the Hilltop Coffee Shop bathroom. 

Strengthening Friendships.
There is something truly magical about visiting friends who no longer live near. Details of their new locale may penetrate your imagination via phone, e-mail and/or Facebook. But there is nothing like seeing where they walk, where they sleep, and with whom they find companionship with in person.

I have had this experience repeatedly in my life.
 I feel immensely blessed.

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