Friday, October 7, 2011

Inspiration: The Chicago Marathon

Photo Credit: Flicker (Creative Commons)
Yesterday I announced I will be running my first marathon this December in Memphis! Exciting (and scary) news. The thought of running 26.2 miles is extremely intimidating, but I love challenges. So we'll see where it leads me.

Not a runner? Click here to read my reflection about running my first half marathon in May. Most of my life I didn't enjoy running. Gradually, (with the influence of many) I changed my mind.

Over the next two months of training, I will be in constant need of inspiration. Therefore, early Sunday morning I will roll out of bed to watch the Chicago Marathon in Pilsen (around the 20 mile mark). I know seeing the strength and endurance of others will help motivate me. It will motivate me to continually tie up my laces week after week to give every bit of energy I can muster to my training.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Good luck to all the runners participating in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday!
You are my inspiration this week!

Light and Love,

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