Thursday, October 27, 2011

Romanticizing the Amish...

A visit to "Amish Country"
Ohio, May 2011
Picks to Ponder:
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In my Home State:
Renegade Amish.
I grew-up about an hour from one of the largest Amish settlements in the country. Visits to "Amish country" {as my mother says} is an aspect of visiting my family home I most treasure. Day trips involve flea markets, strawberry patches, home-made cheese and jams. It involves seeing people live a simple life. No electricity. No cars. Uncomplicated. Lovely. Romantic.


As with any romanticized idea we have about people or places, there are realities that counter. The New York Times recently ran an article citing a rift in the Amish community. Four terrifying assaults have resulted, and arrests have been made.

Assault and Amish are two words I never thought I'd utter in the same sentence. Nothing is perfect though. This, we must remember.

Click here to read more about the conflict.

In Journalism:
{Update!} A Good Man is Harder to Find
Last week, I featured  Katie Bolick's article "All the Single Ladies," under my journalism "Picks to Ponder". The article is still creating buzz. Therefore, I felt it only appropriate to provide an update!  

Bolick's been busy with interviews since her article went to press. I've loved listening to her speak! She has a charismatic demeanor, and answers questions with a sweet yet unyielding honesty. Her recent radio interview at WHYY with Marty Moss-Coane on Radio Times, I found particularly thought provoking.  During this interview people called in with questions, stories, and varying opinions in which Bolick responds.  


Listen to the interview here!

On the Map:
Memphis Love!
I am road tripping to Memphis in a month. Wahooo! A favorite blogger of mine recently posted details of her road trip there. And in turn, my own enthusiasm increased ten-fold.

Share in my excitement by clicking here to see her fabulous blog post!

Chicago Love!
If you love the windy city as much as I do, click here to view one blogger's fabulous visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  She captured the beauty of this city and its famous zoo undeniably well!

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