Saturday, October 1, 2011

Northeast Adventure's Bits and Pieces Part 3B

A cloudy cool autumn morning +  Portland Museum of Art =

Features of note:

-A distinct focus on local artists 

Beauty surrounded me while traveling in Maine. 

Boat harbors, crashing waves, scenic ferry rides to neighboring islands, camping on Hermit Island (under careful watch of some friendly porcupines), light houses, red brick side walks, old colonial homes with inviting front porches, complex skies layering clouds far out above the ocean, long runs around Back Cove Bay...

This beauty I witnessed was greatly enhanced by seeing it through the eyes of past and present artists; artists trying to convey narratives from the land sourcing their pride and pain.

-Traveling exhibit: John Marin: Modernism at Midcentury.

The exhibit is well done. Pieces on display and corresponding text provide a thought provoking experience.  

It steers one to think about Modernism and the purpose of art as the life of Marin is revealed through his work and words.

Famous Marin quotes:
"Give paint a chance to show itself entirely as paint."

"Painting is like golf; the fewer strokes I take, the better the picture."

Deer Isle Series: Mark Island Lighthouse, 1928
I scanned a copy of the card I bought from the gift shop for myself, a painting of Marin's.
Hopefully it will continually remind me of the inspiration I found in his work.

If you missed my Northeast Adventures Bits and Pieces Part 1 click here , Part 2 click here, or Part 3A click here.

Otherwise, check back tomorrow for Part 3C.  
Scenic photos of Maine to come!

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